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Victoria BC top personal trainer strength coach core conditioning
Victoria BC top personal trainer strength coach core conditioning
Victoria BC best personal trainer strength coach core conditioning

About Kennedy Kinghorn:

My interest in the human body, health & wellness started early. My great aunt Ada would treat all of my family with applied kinesiology & traditional herbal medicines. I was fascinated by her work & natural abilities. Soon thereafter I started strength training thanks to my step father. My formal education in the field started in massage therapy. Following that, sports science training through the International Sports Science Association & the American College of Sports Medicine. Combining both strength training & massage therapy, I then worked with highly skilled physiotherapists creating in patient & out patient therapy programs. Although rewarding I found this lacking. Patients would leave the clinic unprepared for the real world stressors of their work or sport (this is the nature of physiotherapy-stabilize the patient & discharge). My education continued at the CHEK Institute where I discovered a much deeper understanding of human movement, high performance sports conditioning & holistic health/wellness. My practice today is the culmination of more than 25 years of hands on training & experience. My athletes include: mountaineers, climbers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, kayakers, skiers, triathletes, thru hikers, hockey players, etc. 



Utah College of Massage Therapy    

Salt Lake City, UT.

International Sports Sciences Association  

Carpinteria, CA

American College of Sports Medicine 

Indianapolis, IN.

Chek Institute

San Diego, CA.

Continuing Education:

International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine


Olympic Strength Training for Athletes


Titleist Golf Performance Institute Certified 

Certified Personal Trainer
Health & Fitness Specialist
Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist

[C.H.E.K.] Practitioner II
current American Red Cross Standard First Aid, CPR and AED certifications






By far the most common question I get is:

'What is it you do as a Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist?'


   A short description is:

  • Postural correction

  • Core conditioning

  • Post-rehabilitation/integrated & functional exercise

  • High performance sports conditioning

  • Nutritional coaching



How do new clients get started?

   The process begins with:

  • Comprehensive postural analysis

  • Core function testing including strength, coordination & endurance of the core

  • Evaluate the 7 elemental movement patterns of which all human movements are based.

Using this data, coupled with the unique needs analysis of each client, I create individual corrective, functional, high performance exercise programs.




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