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Salish Sea Bodyworks Reviews:



“I was a client of Kennedy’s for about a year for rehabilitation after a knee injury. The combination of his bodywork therapy and sports medicine skills are an excellent combination for rehab. I have a number of limitations and he was very good at finding innovative ways for me to do some exercises! He has a good sense of humour and this helps! I have no hesitation in recommending him as a corrective kinesiologist & personal trainer.”

-Lindsay M. Lawson MD


"Dear Dr. Jacks,

I want to thank you for doing 2 total hip replacements for me in the space of 3 months. That must be some kind of record! Both my surgeries and recoveries have gone well and I feel like a new person. It has been a transformative experience for me and I look forward to stepping back out into the world with 2 new hips - standing taller and feeling stronger.

I also credit the work that I did with my corrective kinesiologist, Kennedy Kinghorn, for my speedy and successful recoveries. His unique training & approach worked incredibly well! He really worked on my core strength and upper body strength prior to the surgeries and was always positive and encouraging. I look forward to working with him as I build back up my strength."

-Louise Robinson


"Kennedy's bootcamps have been the first exercise program I've ever consistently done, and it totally changed my life. I had chronic low-back pain and was always one wrong move away from throwing my back out. The exercises he designs are so perfectly balanced and by following his program I am stronger than I've ever been from just two hours a week! 
Listen to Kennedy, do what he tells you to do and you'll recover from your injuries and feel amazing. He's the real deal."
-Kirsty Elliot


"Kennedy Kinghorn is a fantastic fitness specialist. He taught me so much about health and integrative fitness - it literally changed my life. I'm healthy, happy and strong thanks to his unique approach to bodywork. I cannot recommend him enough."
-Elaine Porterfield


"As a competitive cross country skier I've had many coaches in the past and Kennedy rates as one of the best. Not only do I go to his bootcamp twice weekly in which he watches and teaches us core and strengthening exercises to live life injury free, last year he helped me reach the summit of Killimanjaro thru personal sessions. I always look forward to weekly bootcamp with Kennedy."
-Sharon Chesham



"Kennedy has been a key part of my rehabilitation and strengthening, first from adrenal fatigue and autoimmune issues, and then from a serious leg break. He is attentive, knowledgeable and encouraging - everything you want in a practitioner. Follow his instructions, do the work and you will heal."
-Jennifer Brant


"Kennedy really knows his stuff when it comes to helping you keep fit, gain strength, and heal injuries.I have been going to boot camp for a year and a half, and feel great, am working in my garden with no back aches, and can keep up with my 5 grandchildren! I recommend anyone to call Kennedy for an assessment and he will design a personal exercise program for you."
-Delia Darker



"Kennedy is absolutely passionate about his work and he is truly generous with his knowledge and experience!"
-Adria Ellis


"After trying many different treatments and therapies for a chronic shoulder problem, last summer I signed on with Kennedy for ten sessions. The results were remarkable. And they continue to be so, as long as I keep up the exercise regime he designed for me (and which he adjusts as time goes on). I highly recommend Kennedy - and make sure you follow his instructions, because they work!"
-Maria Coffey


"Kennedy has helped me heal long term chronic pain in my leg. Thanks K!"
-Jenna Jade


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